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Adrienne Bailon's Brilliant Trick for a Perfect Slicked-Back Bun

Le 30 November 2015, 07:41 dans Humeurs 0

If you're a millennial who grew up watching the Disney Channel, then you definitely know and love Adrienne Bailon. The former Cheetah Girl (and 3LW member!) is now cohosting The Real, a talk show airing on Fox. I chatted with Bailon about her favorite beauty moments on the show, the drugstore products she relies on, and her genius tips for achieving the perfect super-slicked-back bun. This girl knows so much about hair and makeup, she could basically be a beauty editor.


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You and the other hosts of The Real (Tamera Mowry-Housley, Jeannie Mai, Tamar Braxton, and Loni Love) talk a lot about beauty on the show. What have been some of your favorite beauty moments? "It's cool when we get to show viewers our personal makeovers. We did a segment called 'I Woke Up Like This,' and a camera came home with us and followed us after we woke up and got ready for work. It then showed us getting our hair and makeup done for the show. I think it's hard for women to see the women on TV looking picture perfect and think that we woke up like that. We absolutely did not. There's a team of people who help us get ready, and I think that's really important for women to know."

What's your personal everyday beauty routine like? "I'm not great at doing my hair, so one of my favorite looks is a slicked-back bun. I think it always looks superchic and polished. I use Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel. You can get it at Duane Reade. I find that regular gels have so much alcohol in them that they dry out your hair. This gel won’t damage your hair, and it actually helps to moisturize it. I create my bun straight out of the shower. When I get out of the shower, I towel-dry it, add the aloe vera gel, and then slick it back. A trick is to have a little toothbrush for your baby hairs and slick those down, too, old-school J.Lo style."

What's your daily makeup routine like? "Even though I’m not great with hair, I'll give myself kudos when it comes to my makeup. I’m obsessed with makeup and often do my own for red carpets."

Wow—what do you like to use? "If you went through my makeup bag, the majority of what I have are drugstore products. You cannot let me into a Target or a Rite Aid because I'll be in there for hours. I can’t stop. I’m always telling girls you do not have to spend a fortune on makeup, it's just how you use it. For example, I’m obsessed with the liquid liner by New York Color Liquid Eyeliner. The only thing I think is superessential is a beauty. I own more than one—one for laying down foundation and blending that in and one for contouring."

Speaking of contouring, how do you do yours? "I do an all-liquid contour with different color foundations. It’s a lot more blendable than a matte powder, and it looks more youthful. I currently use shade 6.5 as my base color, shades 3 or 4 as an undereye concealer and highlighter, and then I use a darker one (shade 8) to contour. I apply the darker color around my hairline and along my cheekbones. People always forget to contour around their jawline. It helps with selfies to have a nice, clean jawline. I always contour down the sides of my nose with the darker color as well. And don't forget the tip of your nose! I think I have a really long nose, and one of the best tricks is it to put a little bit of a darker color at the tip. It creates a shadow that gives the illusion of a shorter nose."

How do you line your lips? "I’m telling you it is not lip injections! It's lip liner. I draw outside of my line with a color thats a touch darker than my skin. Then I fill in my lips with the liner from the outside, in. I follow up with a creamy lipstick, but I make sure it’s nude. And then I top it off with a pearlized lip gloss. Another key is to put highlighter on your Cupid's bow. It creates the illusion of a plumper upper lip."

What's your best beauty secret? "My best beauty secret is good old Puerto Rican hair treatments: mayo, olive oil, and eggs as a moisturizing mask. It's what I grew up using on my hair. You whip it up and leave it on for 15 minutes, and it makes your hair so shiny." See more at:  Bridesmaid dresses uk

Casual Women's Clothes - 5 Reasons I Love Them

Le 24 November 2015, 06:26 dans Humeurs 0

I can't deny that high fashion is amazing. It's a form of art after all, and leafing through a copy of Vogue is highly inspiring. But when it comes to my everyday life, that crazy life that I lead with a fully packed schedule, taking care of the kids and of the house while working almost full time, I just can't imagine wearing anything other than casual women's clothing.

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Still not convinced? Here are my main reasons for sticking with casual women's clothes:

1. They are comfortable! I value comfort above almost anything else, and although I don't think one should necessarily sacrifice style for comfort (we'll get to the style factor later), I am unwilling to sacrifice comfort for style. So if a piece of clothing is amazing and totally flattering, but is also restrictive in any way, I won't buy it.

2. Casual clothes are practical. I like to wear clothes that can be tossed in the washer (ideally in the dryer too) without giving it a second thought. You can do that with most casual items, but not with tailored, elegant pieces that need to be hand washed (like I have the time!) or dry cleaned (as if I have the budget).

3. I need clothes that can be replaced easily. Let's face it: as a busy mom, my clothes never last too long. I play with my kids, I go with them to the playground, my kids spill things all over me at least once a week. I just can't wear something so expensive that I won't be able to replace it if (when!) it gets ruined. Casual items are affordable, which is a huge plus for me. Even if an item gets ruined, I can easily replace it with something else.

4. I need clothes that won't restrict my movement. I'm busy! I run around a lot. I work, I run errands, I play with my kids. My days are long and there is absolutely no way I can wear clothing that would make me feel restricted or uncomfortable. As much as I think that wool pencil skirts and high-heeled pumps are fabulous, I simply can't picture myself wearing these items day after day for several hours each day! That would be way too uncomfortable.

5. I believe that a woman can be stylish AND comfortable. "Casual" should NOT be confused with "frumpy!" Casual fashions can be very flattering and in fact many casual items are well-fitting and look absolutely fabulous, which is why I like to say that "casual is the new fabulous." The modern woman, the woman who lives an extremely demanding lifestyle and has to wear so many different hats throughout the day, need not wear clothing that are uncomfortable or restrictive. She should be able to fill her closet with women's fashions that unite beauty and style with practicality and comfort.

So, do I never wear anything other than casual women's clothing? Of course I do. I own several tailored, highly structured items that I wear with high heels, mostly when I go out at night. I love the way I look in these items, but I must confess: after a few hours wearing them, I can't wait to get back home, take them off and go back to my casual, comfy, fabulous clothes. See more at:  Mother of the groom dresses uk